About the Owner


When I was in college I took anatomy, physiology and microbiology and I become fascinated with our bodies skin and how amazing it is, how it protect us, cares for us, and how it heals & regenerates. I’m also a big believer in using natural skincare products and I have found the best of the best!

I always grew up with skin problems all over my body, so I wanted to learn more about what helps and what irritates my own skin. People now tell me that I have great skin on my face. However, I struggled to find treatments that help me and when I found it, I wanted to share that with everyone!

I don’t only want to share the treatments but I want to share with everyone an affordable luxurious spa experience and teach you one-on-one what is best for your own skin type. As well as to help you relax and release some tension and anxiety.

It brings me great joy to help others and I cannot wait to help you as well! Let’s have a fun Spa Day!

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